The forum will work with two primary forums. One (IC) will handle all in-universe events in plainly stated, written detail, while the other (OOC) will handle rules, questions and light table talk. There may occasionally be a side arc covered in another thread if a player’s actions are too dense to use in the main thread, but I will try to use only the two primary threads. Beyond that, other threads can be opened by other players to cover anything else. If it involves the game, use one of the two threads, for anything else, make another thread or get on mIRC, you chatty bitch.

Combat is handled with rolls and actions being carried out on the OOC thread, then their resolved flavor text being put on the IC thread. A player can flavor text his own actions or let the DM do so in his stead. Initiative rolls will be discarded in favor of allowing posts to happen in the order they happen. If a player has multiple initiative phases, he must resolve one per post and cannot double post within a two hour period. If no one posts after your first post and you have another move, you may use it after two hours has passed regardless of if it is a double post or not. A combat round is open for anyone to post at their leisure, but will decay after two days.

If a combat round starts on Tuesday at 1PM, players have until Thursday 1PM to complete all of their actions. If all actions are completed before that point, the round ends early. Players have two options to work with the Turn Decay rule.

Kowalik Rule
The Kowalik rule allows a player to gain more time for a turn. A job, bad schedule or a simple need for an extension to coordinate with another player is enough to enact the Kowalik rule. With this you can delay the end of the turn for up to another day.

Caldemeyer Rule
If you have no preference for your move and don’t care enough to roll yourself, but would still like to act, a player can enact the Caldemeyer rule. With this handy rule, the DM takes over your character, moves within range and uses a basic attack. Characters under the influence of the Caldemeyer rule huff, use only one attack and complain about how they are playing the hardest class. Oh, and Shadowrun sucks.


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